Purple Bat
They move up and down as they fly by. They only rarely dive to attack.  As with all bats, their teeth will flash blue when they can damage you, otherwise you can contact them with no damage.
Green Bat
Green Bat
They move up and down a little more dramatically and will dive to attack more than half of the time.
Primal Bat
Blue Bat
Aggressive bats that only appear after level 9. They dive to attack the most frequently and can hit you with attacks more easily even when you're running. Considered a master foe for the purposes of the Master Foe quest.
Brown Wraith
Shoots fireballs.
Death Hand Wraith
Red Wraith
They hover but do not shoot fireballs. Their glowing hands will damage you even if you punch them. You can straight punch them slightly below the hands, but a better strategy is to uppercut or slam them.  
Master Wraith
Master wraith

Purple and white; shoots red balls of electricity. Unlike brown wraiths the fireballs take a spiraling pattern and their damaging hands are larger. Considered a master foe for the purposes of the Master Foe quest.

Skull Squids
Skull Squid
Floats by; they will occasionally dip to attack you. Touching the tentacles will hurt the player unless they are hit directly on end with an uppercut. It's much more effective to damage squids with uppercuts or slams.
Electric Squid
Electric Squid
Dangle blue electricity at the bottom of its tenticles; cannot be killed using uppercut. More likely to dive to attack you.
Storm Squid
Spark Squid

Drops red sparks on top of you. Considered a master foe for the purposes of the Master Foe quest.



Inches forward. Has a simple and slow bite attack but takes a lot of damage before disintegrating into green spaghetti.  

Exploding Zombie
Green zombie
Explodes several seconds after it is first damaged. If you can punch it into green spaghetti before it explodes, you can avoid the explosion. A useful technique is uppercutting it then dash punching it away. Also a tint of green is the color difference, so be careful!
Megaton Zombie
Brown zombie
Explodes with a bigger blast radius and takes a lot more damage. In many cases it's better to avoid damaging Megaton Zombies since the blast radius takes up nearly half the screen. A useful technique is uppercutting it then dash punching it away. They are a quite ugly shade of lightish brown.
Shoots blue fireballs at you diagonally down at you.
Purple Imp
Blue Imp
Shoots red fireballs from its mouth diagonally in front of you that stick to the ground and burn for a few seconds before dissipating. Also known as plimps.
Hell Imp
Red imp
Red in color, shoots fireballs that bounce off the ground and continue. Considered a master foe for the purposes of the Master Foe quest. Also known as rimps.
Imp with Imp Sack
ImpSack Imp
Flies by idly while holding a bag of coins, an idol, or food. A glancing blow won't release the loot, it will usually take a direct hit.

Carries a sword and has a slow, simple attack. Flies into pieces with even a small jab or flying debris and then its skull can be punched into the next enemy.
Spear Skeleton
Spear Skeleton
Carries a spear. The spear has a much higher range than the sword. Rapid jabs can often beat them with range or a slam down on them will work. One hit from another enemy will knock them back down to a sword skeleton.
Ancient Skeleton
Red Skeleton
Is encased in red flames; is aggressive with the spear. Will jump up at you and strike with a long range attack that is very difficult to break even with a slam attack. It's best to knock something into them or beat them on the ground. Considered a master foe for the purposes of the Master Foe quest. Also if you slam punch it you get the achievement "Air Superiority".
Sword Orc
Axe Orc
Club Orc
An orc with a sword, axe, or spiked club. Orcs have a slow, but powerful attack. They absorb about as much damage as a zombie but leave a flying corpse when defeated that can be pounded into other enemies. A series of ground punches keeps them stunned or a quick uppercut/slam combo finishes them off.
Shield Orc
Sword Shield Orc
Shield Club Orc
Shield Axe Orc
Holds a shield that will absorb any straight punch attacks as long as it is held up. If you are attacking, the orc will continue holding it up until it is broken through with the Shieldbreaker skill. If you pause your attack, the orc will lower the shield to attack you and you can then straight punch during the delay. Uppercuts and slam punches will stun orcs and allow further attacks for a couple of seconds. Certain skills can bypass the shield such as: Explosion Fist, Shoduken and ThunderPunch.
Blue Orc
Blue Orc
Sometimes has as a spiked shield and an axe, sword or spiked club; appears after 60k+ points. The spiked shield will damage you if you try to punch directly forward. Without the Shieldbreaker skill, you'll need to hit it with slams, uppercuts, long range skills or other enemies. Also known as a blorc.

Snaks - Snakes that can hide in vases or may appear as a bonus run. They jump in the air and damage with a bite on the way down, but can killed with a solid hit.

Triceratops Head

Triceratops head - In the egg stage, if you ride the Laseraptor.


Falling Rocks - In the egg stage, if you ride the Laseraptor, as well as in the danger falling rocks stage.  


Bees - In the egg stage, if you become a Gnome. If they hit you with their stinger while you're not spinning, they damage you and end the round.


Beehives - In the egg stage, if you become a Gnome. They don't attack you and are easy to kill.

Larries - In the egg stage, if you become a Rabid Goaticorn. They float about the place and are easy to kill by goring them with your horn.

Stars - In the egg stage, if you become a Rabid Goaticorn. They drop randomly about the stage after the second leap. They will damage you and end the round if you don't smash through them.

Gnome Party! - Is a theme where you get to punch gnomes. The gnomes are just like beehives. They are peaceful and the theme is considered as a bonus. This can happen on occasions.