When you punch an egg there are currently 3 different possibilities of what might come out of the egg. They are either: Lazeraptor, Gnomey or Goaticorn.


In this segment you get to ride a giant lazer-firing velociraptor!

  • Uppercutting makes the Lazeraptor jump and holding Uppercut slows the Lazeraptor's descent whilst it fires lazers towards the ground.
  • Dash punching makes the Lazeraptor fire lazers from its mouth and holding Dash punch makes the Lazeraptor fire a constant stream of lazers from its mouth.

Your aim in this segment is to lazer down as many floating tri-heads as you can; the more tri-heads you bust the higher the score you receive at the end.


  • The spikes that litter the segment.
  • The falling orange rocks. Watch out for the sneaky rocks that bounce off-screen where you can't see them!


In this segment you become a giant backflipping gnome!

  • Uppercutting makes you backflip upwards but slows your speed; holding Uppercut slows your descent to the ground.
  • Dash punching makes you backflip forwards and increases your speed.

Your aim in this segment is to knock over as many bee hives as you can; the hives you bust the higher the score you receive afterwards.


  • The many floating bees (and their annoying stingers!)


In this segment you become a rabid goaticorn!

  • Uppercutting makes you jump; you can double jump. After a Rainbow Dash you can do a single jump but no matter what you can't jump again until you touch the ground. The farthest you can go is a double jump off the ground, a rainbow dash, another jump, another dash, and ending with a final jump.
  • Dash punching makes you Rainbow Dash (which knocks everything except spikes out of the way).

Your aim in this segment is to spike as many fairies with your Goaticorn horn as you can; the more fairies you spike the higher your score at the end.


  • The numerous amounts of spikes and drops.
  • Bouncing star things (use Rainbow Dash to smash through them!)

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