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  • Some boost prices were increased with update 1.2

1) Egg Beater (1,000 Punchos) - You'll run into an egg right away! All boosts last for ONE GAME only.

2) Insta-Brawl (2,000 Punchos) - For one game, the first stretch of dungeon will have a lot of enemies!

3) Armour Hearts (5,000 Punchos) - You get Amour Hearts for one game, shielding you from the first 5 hits.

4) Enter The Fray (15,000 Punchos) - On your next game, start at levle 9, ready to face the challenge.

5) Skip Quest #1 (2,500 Punchos) - Skips the gnome quest!

6) Skip Quest #2 (2,500 Punchos) - Skips the gnome quest!

7) Skip Quest #3 (2,500 Punchos) - Skips the gnome quest!

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